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Right Blend of Seeds for Seeding Lawns in Pitt Meadows

A generic seed mixture designed to work anywhere in the US or Canada will never give you the desired results. At Highland Turf Farms Ltd, we create seed blends that work best in the local area. Our experts take into account the nature of the soil and local climate while creating these seed blends. We have nearly 40 years of experience in the turf business, and in these years, we have developed a combination of seeds that work best for seeding lawns in Pitt Meadows.


The seed mixes sold in boxes by major retailers are not suited for our climate or soil types. Trust Highland Turf Farms Ltd to provide you with the right seed mix for your lawn. We can also help you fix your lawn if it has been damaged by soil erosion or drought.

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The Right Blend

Our hand-picked blends of seeds can be applied to grass that is thinning out due to Pitt Meadows weather conditions. We also supply RyeGrass and Tall Fescue mixtures in the packaging of 2kg and 50lb bags. Whether you are a landscaper or a homeowner, Highland Turf Farms Ltd is always available to help you. We would love to sell you redi-turf, but if you plan to see your lawn, we advise you to use our seed mix and give yourself the best possible chance of growing a lush green lawn.

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Order the Right Amount

We have calculators to help you determine the right quantity of sod required for your needs.

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