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The Lawn You Desire

Having a lush green lawn is now a reality.

High-Quality Beautiful Green Turfgrass in Pitt Meadows

Highland Turf Farms Ltd is here to help you create the lush lawn you want. We offer you the highest quality of lawn grass, turf, and lawn care products at a price you can afford. Turf, commonly referred to as sod, is a quick, reliable way to get a lush green lawn. No matter where you live in Metro Vancouver or the Pitt Meadows, we deliver the best sod. Highland Turf Farms Ltd also delivers Quality garden soil from the BigYellowBag®.


We have been in the turf business since 1978 in British Columbia and a lifelong member of TPI (Turfgrass Producers International). So, when it comes to creating a great lawn, we know what goes into it. If you plan to create a beautiful green turf in Pitt Meadows, get in touch with Highland Turf Farms Ltd to provide you with the best possible lawn products.

a view of beautiful grass at golf course

Residential and Commercial Turf

Highland Turf Farms Ltd supplies quality turf to homeowners, landscapers, property management companies, developers and businesses throughout Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We offer you turf that is:

Grown from certified and registered mixtures of selected ryegrasses, Kentucky bluegrasses and fine fescues
Ideal for a lush front yard and a durable backyard

Our services include:

Forklift delivery servcie & installation instructions

Pick up facility is in Pitt Meadows, closer than you think.

Sand turf

Health Benefits of a Green Lawn

Do you know that a beautiful green lawn not only adds curb appeal to your property but also offers health benefits to your family?


According to the Ontario Department of Agriculture, there are health benefits associated with sod. Some of the benefits of turfgrass are as follows:

Reduction in high temperatures by natural transpirational cooling
Trapping dust and dirt with organic chemicals from the atmosphere
Absorption of pollutants such as carbon dioxide from the air
Release of a large quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere due to photosynthesis
Reduction in the number of weeds, thus controlling pollen, which causes allergic reactions
A beautiful playing area for recreation

Apart from the health benefits mentioned above, turfgrass also helps create a beautiful environment that may increase real estate value. Local real estate agents estimate a lush green lawn raises the value of your property by 15 to 20%.

a view of natural sod plantation

Alternative to Artificial Turf

Artificial turf may be as harmful as asbestos. Whether it is your yard or your sports field, buy natural sod from Highland Turf Farms Ltd and keep yourself away from harm. Artificial turf is made from pulverized tires and tire crumbs, which exposes you to carbon black nanoparticles. Playing in such a field and inhaling these particles could be harmful to your children. Our natural turf is an excellent alternative to toxic artificial turf. It is cost-effective and easy to install.


Highland Turf Farms Ltd delivers sod, or turf, to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Fort Langley, White Rock, Richmond, Abbotsford, Mission – throughout Metro Vancouver and the Pitt Meadows. Highland Turf Farms Ltd offers both sand turf and loam (soil) turf. We also offer high-quality starter fertilizers to help grow healthy turfgrass and roots quickly.


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Fantastic People

“Great place, been dealing here for over 20 years. I used to deal with Anderson sod farm but they completely screwed up our order plus they charged more money and honour the price they gave me over the phone so I stopped dealing with them. Will never go back. Started dealing with Highland Turf Farms Ltd and realized they are just as good as Anderson but yet they don't rip you off like Anderson does. I do think the lady in the office could be much more friendly but other than that, the guys that load the turf into your truck are fantastic! Always good turf!”

- Javyn L.

worker planting natural sod near pathways

Seeding or Sodding?

If you are not sure whether to seed or sod your lawn, talk to us.

garden sidewalk with lots of plants and flowers

Making Landscaping Easy

We maintain the quality of our products so that your customers can rely on you.

worker planting flowers

Quality Garden Soil

Get the right mix of garden soil for a lush green and healthy lawn.

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