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Lush Green Residential Sod for the Lower Mainland

Highland Turf Farms Ltd offers high-quality lush green residential sod in Pitt Meadows. The journey of creating a beautiful turf for your home starts with choosing the right sod. Buying a quality sod should be your first step for creating a lush green lawn. You can contact Highland Turf Farms Ltd to deliver quality sod for your residential lawn. Our sod is locally grown from a blend of grasses chosen to give you the best lawn for the Pitt Meadows, BC, climate.


The first decision in creating your lawn is to choose how to achieve it – to seed it or sod it. Seeding is relatively inexpensive. However, much time is needed to wait for seed germination and for plants to fill in. If it rains heavily, your new lawn may get washed away. You may need to go through the process several times and may end up with nothing but frustration. Therefore, buying sod from a trusted seller is a good option.

worker planting natural sod in residential garden

Choosing the Right Kind of Sod

Highland Turf Farms Ltd uses a seed blend that best matches soil conditions and weather conditions in the Pitt Meadows. We have been providing Vancouver and surrounding areas with residential sod since 1978. Offering our clients uncompromising quality and the best customer service are a few things we take great pride in.


Sod is grown under expert conditions using top-quality seed blends. And it requires little maintenance after being installed. Some benefits of sod are:

You get a healthy and mature lawn when installed
You could go from bare soil to lush green lawn in just a few hours
All you need to do is just water, mow, and fertilize
Sod can be installed practically anywhere
Useful to stop soil erosion and water pollution

Choosing Between Sand & Loam

Highland Turf Farms Ltd sells both sand-based and loam-based sod (check availability for loam- based sod). Sand-based residential sod rolls are easier to deal with during rainy seasons. You can lay sod almost year-round in Pitt Meadows as it doesn't rain much in the spring and fall. However, the downside of installing sand-based sod is that it will require more water for the lawn's entire life.


If you use loam sod, it gets to be a muddy experience. The advantage of loam-based sod is that it requires less watering than sand-based sod. The rolls are also more durable during the sod installation process.

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Commercial Sod Available

We offer commercial sod that is best suited for the local climate.

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