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Get Attractive-looking Turf in Pitt Meadows

Highland Turf Farms Ltd is a family-owned and operated company in Pitt Meadows that offers you a holistic approach to building and maintaining your lawn. Relying on chosen practices and quality products helps us provide you with a healthy, attractive-looking turf in Pitt Meadows. Whether you plan to create a lush green turf for your house or your office, Highland Turf Farms Ltd can help you with the right sod.


Our natural turfs provide your residential and commercial space with a curb appeal and help create a healthy environment. We have over 90 years of experience in the field, and we understand a holistic natural environment like none other.


Starting as a cattle farm in Pitt Meadows in 1928, we were involved in the industry till 1978 when we decided to sell the cattle quota and become a turf farm. We started by growing cranberries on 100 acres of land and have not looked back ever since. The diverse experience in the field has helped us get deep insights. We are now a reputed name in the Pitt Meadows for assisting people in creating natural turfs for their homes or offices. If you are interested in giving your property a makeover, call us to help you create a beautiful lush green turf.

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