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Buy Superior-quality Turf and Turf-Related Products in Pitt Meadows

At Highland Turf Farms Ltd, our approach to lawn care is holistic. We take into account your entire landscape's health by drawing on wisdom from our decades of experience in the field.


In combination with this holistic approach, we offer quality turf and turf-related top-Notch products in Pitt Meadows so that your lawn stays healthy and lush for years to come. We offer you residential sods, commercial sods, fertilizers, soil, and seeds. There are unique benefits to each of these products. Our products are created after much experimenting and experience. The unique blends of fertilizers that we offer will take care of your lawn, even if you forget to water sometimes.

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Top-Notch Garden Soil Care Products

The soil that we offer is of excellent quality. We have associated ourselves with BigYellowBag® to provide you with the best possible garden soil in the area. Our team of professionals can help you determine what’s best for your lawn based on your desired level of management and aesthetics. Our RyeGrass and Tall Fescue mixtures for seeds improve the turf’s pest tolerance and increase its durability.


Highland Turf Farms Ltd strives to bring you excellent products and exemplary service with a focus on quality and service. We put true workmanship into the delivery and care of our Sod. We aim to provide our customers with a great product, on time, at affordable prices. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our product and services!

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Improve the Value of Your Property

Adding a beautiful turf to your residential property can improve its beauty as well as value.

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